About us

Hello Guys, I am Srishti, a Travel Hippie. I love travelling. But the way I do so is a bit different from the normal Go-Visit-Click-Return type. I visit places to explore the stories hidden underneath the hubris of vastly commodotized information flooding the net.

For instance: Though most of you may have visited Taj Mahal, but did you observe the changing hues of the Mausoleum as the day progressed? Legend has it that this Mausoleum was constructed in such a manner that it's changing hues reflected the changing moods of the emperor's wife. Astonishing! Isn't it?

I feel sad when people visit expensive places just like machines, doing what the previous one did, totally unaware of the awesome, hidden stories behind every brick and grass. Isn't it ironical that The stories that made this place Travel Worthy are given the least attention.

Travelling isn't only about the colour filled Instagram pics you like to show off everywhere, but much much more.I am not here to give you costly Travel Goals like everybody does, but to just change your viewpoint, from a Tourist to a Hippie. From now on visit every destination to appreciate the beauty that lies underneath.Like a Hippie does. 


Happy Travelling!

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